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M28 6'4" January -> January, 335 -> 252

2013.01.03 17:38 Rhawk187 M28 6'4" January -> January, 335 -> 252

Pics at 335, 275, and 252 (and 235 from High School, my goal weight)
6'4" 28 year old male, Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Decided to start losing weight last year for my New Year's Resolution. Goal was to get to 265 (High School Graduation Weight), surpassed this by November.
I was a shot put and hammer thrower in undergrad, but couldn't keep up the athletic lifestyle and get ahead in graduate school. Sitting behind a desk all day did nothing for my health, but I finally go the point where I was past my comprehensive exams and done with coursework and had more free time.
Lost my weight through science and technology. Started with some weight lifting. Did some research on BMRs and started using LoseIt! Shortly thereafter Fitocracy was created, and I started tracking my workouts. Also enjoyed running in the pool. Cute girl in the department wanted to get a soccer team together made up of avionics folk, so I joined. Bought a heart rate monitor and started running on solid ground when it was too cold for the pool. Played a winless season in the Adult Recreational soccer league.
Only major setback was about a month off my feet when I wrecked my ankle playing basketball. Could still do upper body lifts though.
Foods of choice:
Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup (180 calories for 2 cups, and salt isn't too bad); Peanut Butter (use the low sodium stuff, can't tell the difference); Red Bellpeppers (eating healthy isn't cheap, so I eat what I enjoy)
If you can't cook well, I highly recommend investing in a croc pot. Let's you cook your lean poultry all day without risking undercooking them.
Oh, and if I really need something sweet, I turn to Werther's Original toffees. They aren't that high in calories, and last a long time. Basically my entire walk to work. Also, if I really need to splurge and want something salty, my grocery carries this "Pringle's To Go" cans for $.75. 210 calories, so easy to portion control.
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